These beauties are rescued but not ready to rehome yet





Harley is Mum to Holly & Ivy and came from a bad situation in Sydney, having had six kittens. 

All her vet work has been done but she will need some dental work done. She is also FIV+, which is not a death sentence and FIV+ cats can lead normal lives.



Primrose was rescued from Granville after her owner died and the family stopped feeding her and threw her out on the street to fend for herself. The ladies in the factory next door took pity on her and started feeding her and then trapped her when I agreed to take her in. Understandably, Primrose is still wary of people and we're still working with her to regain some trust.




Hope was a stray that walked into the trap when we were trying to trap another cat. I had never seen her before that night and she was very scared and hissy with us for quite a while. She is fine with all the other cats, but is still a bit shy with people, so therefore needs a bit of time to come around.




Grace was living in a hospital carpark when she was rescued. She was already desexed, so we don't know if she was dumped there by previous owners or she had been part of a trap, neuter, release program. She is still very hissy and swipes if we get too close, and although she is slowly but surely getting better each day, she is going to take a long time to rehabilitate.




Abbey was trapped after we spotted her living in the drain down the road and saw her coming for a feed every night. It was very lucky that we got her when we did, as a few days after we trapped her she came on heat, so she would have ended up having kittens out on the street, and she's very young still. Abbey is still a bit shy with people but loves to be out in the cat enclosure with the other cats.




Depending on how traumatised or healthy these cats have become prior to being rescued, they may have to remain in our care for many weeks or months, while we rehabilitate them. That makes a considerable drain on our resources, so if you feel able to afford to donate to help support any of these cats, please use the donate button to do so.

It costs $22 to feed a cat for a week & $35 to fully provide for a cat for a week

It costs $90 to feed a cat for a month & $145 to fully provide for a cat a cat for a month