Here are some of our success stories

It's really gratifying when adopters keep in touch & tell us of their kitties new lives...

Violet and Pearl

This stunning Mum & Daughter finally got the home of their dreams with a lovely family, including two rescued labradors after six months in our care.







Meet Bobby and just look at the before and after photos, only a day apart. He was in the same horrible country pound that some of our other rescues came from and was literally on his last day of life when we decided to put a special appeal on our facebook page to try and save him. we were full to capacity so couldn't take him ourselves. Not expecting to have much luck, a local lady in Blayney saw the appeal and put her hand up and so his last minute journey began. 

Although he came in under our rescue banner he was delivered straight to his new home where you can see he immediately made himself at home. The following day he went to our lovely Blayney vets to have all his vet work done and now looks forward to having a long and happy life.





Many of our supporters will remember โ€œKevinโ€ and indeed often ask about him. He was  quite a character and became quite famous for his mischievous ways and sometimes getting into fixes. 

When only around 7 weeks old he was dumped at a service station and then taken to our fantastic vets in Blayney where he stayed for the obligatory week before coming into care with us in Neville. He was even famous with the staff at the vets during his vet work visits there.

Many people will remember his love of โ€œunusualโ€ toys, like Brussels sprouts and vegetable peelings. He loved to play in water and would often help with washing dishes in the sink. He was always getting โ€œintoโ€ something and could be so naughty at times, but so so loveable with it. Everyone loved Kevin and it was really hard when the time came for his adoption to say goodbye to him, and I have to admit I shed quite a lot of tears.

He went to live with a lovely family in July 2017 who had already adopted another of our kittens, Milly who Kevin had got quite attached to while they were both here together.



Winnie was another stray that came around to my house for a meal and then started living in my garden. Winnie was 8 years old and had cat flu when I got her, but with the right medication and lots of Tlc, she soon recovered and was adopted by a lovely lady  from Blackheath. Winnie is now a very content and much loved kitty.



Daisy and Evie (now renamed Kimchi and Mitzi)


Both these babies came from very poor situations in the Cowra area, Daisy with her sister Maisie and Evie having been taken from her mum way too early and found herself in the hands of someone incapable of looking after her.

They were both in care for some time and bonded so when a family came for a meet and greet with Evie, they decided they couldnโ€™t part them and adopted both. So now they have a wonderful home together and have grown into such beautiful cats.



Molly was a stray that came around to my place for dinner at night, and after a couple of weeks I was finally able to trap her. She was fine with us, but for some reason, every time someone came for a meet and greet with her, she was really shy and wouldn't let them near her. However, when I took her to her new Mum Rachel for a meeting, she was fine with her and also with her son Logan, who happens to be the proud new owner, and with the rest of the family too.




Our own Astro Girl

We canโ€™t possibly show all our adoption successes on her but I couldnโ€™t not include one very special young lady, namely Astro Girl who has quite a story to tell.


We were told that she had been rescued by some boys from being attacked by dogs in Sydney and then taken to SASH (Small Animal Specialst Hospital) where she stayed for a week. She was so tiny and thin and covered in ringworm from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. At the end of the week she was due to be put in the council pound where undoubtedly she would have been put down.

To cut a long story short, a couple of other cat rescues came to her aid in saving her from that fate but still she had nowhere to go so I put my hand up, not quite knowing what I was letting myself in for. I couldnโ€™t quite believe it when I first saw her, she was almost bald with the ringworm, so tiny yet so feisty and very bold, lashing her tail non stop. So home to Neville she came and the first thing was to give her a bath as a start for the ringworm treatment. Of course she was totally isolated from the other cats and kittens which didnโ€™t do anything for her emotional wellbeing so we had to spend as much time with her as possible. Getting her to eat was a problem too as she just didnโ€™t want to. Anyway, with a lot of time and patience she began to improve day by day and to this day still lashes her tail when we talk to her, especially when her name is mentioned. 

After everything we went through and the long road to where she is now, over 12 months on, the thought of not having her around is unthinkable and so she has joined the permanent residents of the house.



Jack, his 2 brothers and sister and mum Noelle were living in a neighbour's garden and were trapped a few days before Christmas 2017. Jack is a beautiful, blue eyed, white fluffy boy so he attracted a lot of attention and we had a lot of enquiries from people wanting to adopt him. The lucky person that got to take him home and make him a part of their family was Rachel, who was a second time adopter, who had also adopted Molly from us months earlier. Jack has settled into his new home and now has a new name, Finn.



Thelma & Louise

Mum Thelma was dumped at our vets in Blayney when Louise was just a day old and needless to say she was confused and very upset at being taken away from her familiar surroundings and at the time displayed some unfriendly behaviour. This of course was due partly to her change in circumstances and being a very new mum, she was protecting her (single) baby.

After staying with our lovely vets for 5 weeks they came into care with us in Neville and both being very pretty, medium haired and very friendly and affectionate we did think they would get adopted quite quickly once all their vet work was complete. Sadly that wasnโ€™t the case and we had them for 10 months before a lovely family offered them a home and chose these two purely because no one else had done. So now they are living a lovely life with a family that love them - what more could we have asked for.




I came across Luna when I went with a friend to make a delivery to a lady she knew. We got out of the car and Luna came right up to me, so I asked the lady we were visiting if she was her cat, and she explained to me that Luna wasn't her cat and that she had been left behind to fend for herself by her previous owners who had moved out 2 years before. The lady asked me to take her, and although I couldn't on the day, I went back for her a couple of days later. Luna was adopted within a month and now has a lovely indoor home and gets lots of pampering by her new Mum Marianne and family.




Poppy was a young mum who was rescued with her four boys...

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The one from Western Sydney...




Rudy the smoochy purring machine...