Currently available kitties:


Tiger Lily

This dear little girl had overstayed her time at a country pound way out west and was due to be euthanised the day after she came into care with us. At just 5 or 6 months old her life was only beginning so we couldn't let that happen.

She is the most sweet, affectionate and playful girl anyone could wish for and will make a perfect pet for children and adults alike. All her vet work is done.




Rosie is the most stunning girl and very affectionate at no more than 18 months old.  All her vet work has been done, just needs a home she can call her own.





Susie was on her last day at a country pound and due for euthanasia when we stepped in to save her. After a long drive she came into care quite stressed from being in the pound so long in very poor conditions.  She's blossomed into a lovely affectionate and playful girl and needs a home where she is the only cat and can rule her home and human.




Remember the little kitten that was brought to us by a trapper last week?

Well he now has a name: OLIVER.

Oliver will have all his vet work done in the next couple of weeks, but we are now taking expressions of interest for his adoption, Oliverso message us if you would like Oliver to come and live with you.




Meet Simba.

He is a sweet and very friendly 4 year old boy who just decided that he had enough of living on the streets,and about 5 weeks ago, he just followed us into the house and has stayed here since.

Simba is affectionate and loves to rub himself against your legs. He is fine with other cats and with dogs too.

All his vet work is done and this lovely boy is now ready for a forever home.




This is Hazel who was released into our care by a country pound as her time in the pound was up, so she was scheduled to be put to sleep that day.

She's gorgeous and affectionate, all her vet work has been completed, she is now available for adoption. She loves to snuggle!




Lily and her 2 kittens, Jasper and Jasmine are still waiting for an adoption.

Update 9th June 2018: Lily is starting her trial adoption!



Lily's handsome son...



Lily's gorgeous daughter...




Stunningly beautiful Bianca is unbelievably still available. Her personality matches her looks, in that she is a really affectionate and friendly girl. Considering the fact that she has been so let down by her previous owners (who left her behind to fend for herself when they moved house), it amazes me that this sweetheart is still so trusting of humans. $150 to adopt, so please help us find her a forever home, as she deserves this and so much more.




The rescue lady and my vet keep telling me how handsome I am - do you think Iโ€™m handsome? They also keep telling me I was born without a purring โ€œoffโ€ switch because I canโ€™t stop purring! Iโ€™m 5 months old and would love a home and a nice comfy lap to sit on and be loved by my own human. All my vet work has been done and Iโ€™m lifetime registered too, all for $150.




This little baby boy was found living at UWS and was going to be put back there by the lady that found him if no one could take him, so of course, I couldn't say no.

His 2 siblings and mum are still there, and if caught, they will also come to me and be reunited with him. He is approximately 8weeks old.

If you have a young playful cat or kitten in residence that would like a playmate, then Archie is the kitten for you! $150 to adopt this adorable little man, so do yourself a favour and message us.




This is Sophie - another one pulled from a country pound at the eleventh hour on Wednesday 18/04/2018, which was to be her last day of life on this earth. She is such a sweetheart, very affectionate and no more than 12 months old. Seems she had recently been feeding kittens so heaven knows what happened to them. She's had her vet work done and she is healthy and in good condition albeit thin and eating like itโ€™s going out of fashion. She is now available for adoption.





NEW ARRIVAL!!!  Summer is ready for adoption.

This gorgeous little 5mth old girl arrived from another rescue, whose carer was no longer able to look after her.

Summer and her 2 sisters were born at Campbelltown pound to their mum Autumn . Summer's 2 sisters & her mum have already been adopted, but Summer is still available.

Summer is a very friendly girl who will jump on your lap and give you kisses and snuggles.

Expressions of interest will now be taken for her adoption, but be quick, as this girl will be snapped up by the first person that meets her, as you can't help but fall in love with her adorable looks and amazing personality.

Please message us if you are interested in adopting Summer, so we can organise for you to meet her.






Who remembers Maizy, the little cat that was dumped in a park in Western Sydney and was then adopted last week?

Well, Maizy is back in foster care through no fault of her own or the lady who adopted her, who was terribly upset about it, but the adoption didn't work out.

Maizy is a beautiful girl who is approximately 10 mths old and very friendly and affectionate. She loves to play and hide in the cat tunnel.

This girl needs a forever home as her foster carer can only care for her temporarily, but her next home needs to be permanent, as it wouldn't be fair to her to keep moving her.

All her vet work is completed.

Update 9th June 2018: Maizy is starting her trial adoption!




Noelle was first trapped in November as she came around to my house every night for dinner, for months. I first thought she was pregnant and took her to the vet, where I was told that she had already had the kittens, so I had to release her. About 6 or 7 weeks later she started bringing the kittens out, one by one, so we trapped them all over the course of 3 nights. Three of Noelle's babies have been adopted, so there's only her and Charlie left. Noelle is approx 2 yrs old and is Fiv+


Monty and Percy Pickle

These two brothers originally came from a Katoomba cat hoarder with their two sisters when they were 8 weeks old. Theyโ€™re now 10 months.  Because the girls were pretty they were adopted early on and now live happy lives. These boys did have an adoption lined up together and for 3 months their potential new human would come to visit them regularly. Finally we got the date for delivering them to their new home but sadly, and literally at the point of hand over, the adoption did not take place and we brought the boys back. None of this was their fault so imagine how disappointing it was to have to drive them all the way back.

Although siblings, they have different characters. Monty is very laid back while Percy Pickle is active and loves to look for mischief. They are however both very affectionate and love lap time with their human. A home together would be fantastic but they would equally be happy to be adopted separately.



Monty is very laid back


Percy Pickle

Percy Pickle is active and loves to look for innocent mischief.


Apollo & Pheonix

Apollo and Phoenix are bonded boys that used to live in the drain at the end of my street. Apollo is 2 yrs old and Fiv+ and Phoenix is 3 yrs old and tested negative for fiv. Because they're bonded, they have to be adopted out together.


Apollo & Pheonix

Apollo is a really smoochy boy who loves cuddles and kisses, and is very vocal about it. He follows me around the house meowing at me, until I pick him up and give him a kiss and a cuddle.

Phoenix is more shy than Apollo and whenever he loses sight of Apollo he walks around the house calling out to Apollo, until he finds him. Because they're bonded, they have to be adopted out together.


Poppy's boys

This lovely little mum and her babies were dumped on a property when they were just a few weeks old.  They were then taken to our local vet hospital where they stayed for their compulsory weeks impound before coming into care. Poppy has been rehomed as well as one of her boys. All their vet work is complete - they just need homes now.




Ginger Baker



Ivy is 7 years old & was surrendered with her sister Harley to Campbelltown Pound by their previous owners. They were at the pound for months and were overlooked by both adopters and other rescues. They were at the top of the put to sleep list when I rescued them and have now been in care for a year. Ivy was so traumatised that she hid under the bed for 2 months, whereas Harley settled a lot sooner. These girls have taken a lot of work and time, but they're now both very affectionate and love a pat. Ivy even taps you on the arm when she wants a pat. Ivy now sleeps on our bed and likes to snuggle up to us and sit on our laps. She doesn't like other cats coming too close to her, but she will tolerate them and live alongside them, as long as they give her her space. 



To avoid confusion, this Ivy is in Western Sydney.


Holly & Ivy

The Harley in the Central West is mum to Holly and also tortie Ivy. These two would love a home together as they are both still quite wary of humans, coming from a poor sistuation where they were chased, all while Harley was trying to look after her 6 babies.



Holly is quite timid due to her experiences prior to rescue.

Although still shy Holly loves being fussed and belly rubbed when she feels safe with her human. Needless to say, they need a quiet, child free home where their humans understand the need for patience. Both have had all their vet work done.



Ivy was part of a litter of 6 kittens born to Harley in poor circumstances. She had to hide them under a house as they were being chased and harassed by horrible humans. Harley and three of her kittens came into care with us while the remaining three were taken by another rescue.

Ivy is such  smoochy kitten and loves her lap times - She will make a wonderful companion. All her vet work is complete.

To avoid confusion, this Ivy is in the Central West.