Central West NSW

My life with cats began when I was 6 years old and a tiny black kitten came to our back door in the snow back in England in the 1950’s - we called him Timmy.  As I grew up I was always aware of the importance of desexing our cats and I can remember standing in the supermarket cat food isle as a child saying to someone who was buying cat food, that I hoped their cat was neutered!

Back then in the 50’s it was “half a crown” and no anaesthetic to castrate a “tom” cat.  I obviously inherited my late dads passion for cats as he often took the odd stray or unwanted cat in.  Once I got married in my early 20’s I of course had my own 2 cats and started neutering the neighbours cats, who thought it better to drown the kittens rather than desex the mothers.

I then joined forces with someone who was rescuing cats and dogs and with her and her husband, I was a co founder of the now well established Freshfields Animal Rescue and we became a registered charity. I broke away from them after a few years to concentrate on cat and kitten rescue and was involved with that until coming to Australia in 2003.

I had made the decision not to get involved in rescue here but of course that didn’t last long and get involved I did, first fostering and then becoming an independent carer, which is how I first met Rose. We decided to team up and establish our own cat rescue and so here we are...



Western Sydney

I’ve always loved cats but actually started rescuing them about 5 years ago. It all began when stray cats seemed to congregate out the front of our house and it concerned me what was happening to them so I started by taking them into my home and getting all their vet work done before finding them new homes. Since then it blossomed into becoming an independent carer rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens that were in desperate need and now myself and Rosemary have joined forces in creating Rosebuds Rescue & Rehoming where we hope to continue doing what we do best - rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming the precious cats and kittens that are so easily discarded by others.